Best dishwasher detergent & storage!

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 Hey, everyone!

Today I want to talk about dishwasher detergent, what we use, and how we keep it organized! Now, when choosing a dishwasher detergent I like to think about the price, quality, and chemicals. Finish Quantum Powerball with the Power & Free label is my first choice. It has less harsh chemicals, and is such a great value! Plus, you really can’t beat the Powerball – our dishes have never been cleaner!


I pick it up at Walmart when I’m out doing our grocery shopping. There are so many varieties of Finish products so you can find the best product that will fit the needs of your family. I have two little ones so finding products that contain less chemicals is a huge priority for me.


Now, have you ever reached into the box for a dishwasher tablet only to come up empty-handed? Yup, me too. Story of my life. I now put my tablets in this clear container – I picked it up for under $3 at IKEA, put a chalkboard label on it, marked it “SUDS”, and it now lives under the sink. I love that I can always check to see how many tablets we have left and what the level is at. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner!



If you want to try out some Finish products, now is a great time. Right now (until October) Walmart has a Rollback going on for the product AND you can pair the Rollback with the coupon below. This should make for a pretty sweet deal on dishwasher detergent!

Just click the image below for a coupon:


What is your favorite dishwasher detergent?
Do you have a special way of storing it?

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